Monday, March 2, 2015

Moody Mondays: Textiles and Rustics

Today's collection can best be described as 'textile' and 'rustic'. I'm especially charmed by the two necklaces!

Clockwise from top left:
1. Wood Burned Necklace // WhereverTheWind
2. Embroidered Mini Banner // Sharp Tooth Studio
3. Little White Snakeroot Bouquet Necklace // Poppy and Fern
4. Tangy Tangerine Fabric Button Earrings // Made By Jewls

Favorite these items if you like them, and show these ladies some love! They're all very talented makers with absolutely gorgeous Etsy shops. Thank you for supporting!

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Embroider Your Cardigan Sleeves

Embroider Your Cardigan Sleeves!

So this isn't really a DIY, but I wanted to share my embroidered cardigan sleeves today! This cardi was a hand-me-down from an old roommate (like most of my clothes now) and I decided to spruce it up with a little embroidery in complementary colors!

Embroider Your Cardigan Sleeves!

I tried my cardigan on and marked where my elbow sat in the sleeve by bending my arm and threading a needle or pin through the fabric. This would be the center of whatever I embroidered. I then stitched a few lazy daisies and some French knots in bright yellow and a few shades of blue!

Embroider Your Cardigan Sleeves!

I love this cardigan. Not only does it have a great drape and the sleeves are long enough (a HUGE plus for a tall girl like me), but I also got it for free! Got anything you think needs dolling up? Give this easy embroidery idea a try! Happy Saturday, friends.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Wool and the Gang: Sustainable Knitted Fashion

(c) Wool and the Gang

I first heard about Wool and the Gang a few years ago while reading One Sheepish Girl. She had ordered a kit from them and was knitting something sumptuous and cozy. Of course I had to click over to their website and check them out! The branding and style really pulled me in, from their bold font choices to their black-and-white modus operandi.

(c) Wool and the Gang
What I saw was a genuinely cool company, specializing in knit garments and accessories. Not only could you order something ready-made (knitted by hand by someone like you), but you could also order a kit to make your own! They out-source wool and even recycle fashion waste into fiber to continue the sustainability cycle. I love that they've made knitting look super cool and high-fashion. They even have a list of all the benefits of knitting, from stress-relief to improved memory!

(c) Wool and the Gang
They also include opportunities for you to be "in the gang" - host a knit party, become a maker, or teach someone else how to knit. Their photography is marvelous, their yarns look super-squishy, and I like the whole idea. Check 'em out!

All images are from Wool and the Gang - I do not own any of the images used in this post.